The main focus of Tree of Life Calendar© is an increasingly more correct understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  I believe it is important to know our place in time as that time is being defined and reckoned by our Creator…


The Bible has lots to tell about time... Lots more than what is being made available in currently available Bible translations!


The biblical day begins at sunset. 

The biblical week begins at sunset after the Sabbath [Saturday evening]. 

The biblical month begins when the New Moon crescent first is visible.

The biblical year begins in the Seventh Lunar Month which is in the fall (notice the parallel between the day and the year here!  Both begin at a period when it becomes darker and colder).


In Gen 1:14 it is written about God’s creation of the sun, the moon and the stars, especially created to help us know time.  They were to distinguish between day and night, but also as signs for seasons, days and years.  Why not use the methods for counting time which the Creator has given?  Why not learn more about what He wants to teach us through observing and reflecting about time in nature?


To learn more about the current biblical time, see the Tree of Life Calendar© that compares a biblical calendar with two Gregorian (a Swedish and an American) calendars, a Jewish calendar, a Hijri (Islamic) calendar, and a Chinese calendar.





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